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Lenka Horakova

I believe that being fully heard in an accepting environment can be very healing. In our counselling sessions I will aim to develop a trusting, confidential and save space where you can say the “unsayable” and to open the “unopenable” which can support you in finding clarity and inner peace. From my experience as a counsellor and from the experience of my clients, I appreciate that this explorative journey may feel challenging or emotional at times. I will endeavour to ‘walk on this journey alongside you’. I will always aim to respect your values, beliefs and your culture.

I trust that when above conditions are met and experienced in the counselling sessions it will support you in moving away from the hardship and you will find your own way forward.

I have in depth experience of working therapeutically with individuals affected by relational issues, domestic violence and sexual abuse. I specialize in the field of short and long term trauma which continues to be my particular professional focus.

In my practice I work in a non-directive Person Centred Counselling way which gives you an opportunity to explore any personal difficulties, concerns, struggles or uncomfortable feelings you may be experiencing.


Rose Hartwell

I've lived in Warwickshire all my life, currently living in Warwick with my family and our two dogs.

Within my counselling work I aim to offer my clients a safe space where they can develop trust and reflect on their issues within a warm non-judgmental environment.

I believe that only the client is the expert within their own internal world. I work in a non-directive way which hopefully encourages my clients to explore their own values and feelings.

I may sometimes provide supportive challenge where I think it may be helpful in supporting you discover fresh insights or patterns within your process.

I hope to aid my clients in better understanding themselves and finding ways in which to manage their issues with greater awareness and ease.

Having been effected by the impact of suicide I have developed a personal and professional interest in this area, particularly the complex difficulties experienced by loved ones left behind. As well as more general counselling my other areas of interest include autism and those affected by it, as well as the impact of boarding school and the different perspectives this may invoke within society and individulas.

I work within the criminal justice system as a counsellor where I have developed a deeper appreciation of human suffering and the potential for positive change within the human spirit.

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